I am voluntarily active in politics. I am a member of the German liberal Free Democratic Party (FDP) and its youth organization Junge Liberale (JuLis) since 2000. Later I also became a member of amnesty international, supporting their peaceful urge for human rights and personal liberty and of the Chaos Computer Club to support digital rights and freedom. 

During the last years I have taken responsibility for FDP and Junge Liberale in a number of different elected functions. I am particularly interested in programmatics and have contributed to the current contentual agenda of FDP and Junge Liberale with a number of initiatives. Most recent, in 2014 I was candidate 10 on the federal list of the party FDP for the elections of the European parliament, being the top candidate of the German Junge Liberale. 

You find more detailed information about my political activities in the German version of this page.